Time-Dreams.NET has stemed from the fall of two domains, the first of which was Realm of Villainy.ORG. This was my very first domain, dedicated to lovable villains. Back then I didn’t know much about anything so my domain sucked for the first few versions. But as I kept moving foward, my skills advanced and so did my domain.

During that time, I changed the theme of my domain. I really liked graphics design so for a few versions my site was a graphics website, and before that it was a blog. I eventually made a subsite for those graphics, not wanting to dedicate an entire domain to the subject. I’ve stuck with this idea ever since.

I didn’t have the money to renew the domain so was lost to the locker. But through donations I was able to get another site up and running, juxtapose.nu (or the jNU network). This site only lasted a few versions but it was also progressive. It helped me launch my newest graphics site and came with a lot of good memories just like the previous domain. I didn’t update as much, though.

For my third and hopefully final domain, my hostees and others have donated, so I thank them. =3 This site has been open since January of 2008, and switched hosts in July of 2013.

Version Four – Bokeh

Everyone loves bokeh. I wanted something simple and elegant for my first WP layout. It took more time to tweak the layout than to make the header but I’m very happy about the way it came out. This version has been active since May of 2013.