Sit around and gaze at my shoes.

I know, I know, it’s been a while. It’s come to my attention that my flagship site is in need of a new layout, for coding reasons. So I’m going to be hard at work all around the site for…very likely the rest of the year. I have a new found motivation, as I often do around this time of year (because I all but refuse to leave the house in the summertime, so I have to find something to do).

I will be skipping town next week, and hopefully I will find inspiration while I’m gone. I will be back in early June, so expect good things.

Here are a few things I’m looking to update this summer:

  • New layout for the Returners Network
  • Updates for Dragon’s Crest (and I’ve noticed the main page is being redirected somewhere odd?), and possibly a new layout
  • Updates to Tempest, the web portal, and possibly a new layout
  • Updates to The Fool and the Dreaming Boy
  • Updates to Radical Dreamers
  • Updates to Beloved Star, and possibly a new layout

I am also hoping to launch Digital Love, the icon site. I have some serious coding bugs I have to work out before the launch happens. I will worry about that when everything else is done. Of these updates, the major updates will be the new layout for the network and Dragon’s Crest, because I hope to fully integrate WP.

The best is yet to come.

Last Year’s Wishes

After nearly a year (or at least quite some time), I’ve managed to put up the hub for Cloudless Sky. It’s just a simple portal but I’m glad it’s up. As a reminder, CS will expire some time next year. By then, everything will be moved over to the Returners Network.

For some incredibly odd reason, the link to Tempest wasn’t up here, so I’ve put it up. It has officially moved over. Yay!

I’m still working the kinks out of Beloved Star, which should be fully converted to WP later this summer or fall. Check out the new layout (I adore it).

Once that’s all settled in, I’ll probably convert Dragon’s Crest. After that, who knows. Stay tuned.

Hitting doesn’t solve everything.

As mentioned in a previous post, Tempest is now up and running on the Returner’s network. I don’t have a proper link up for it, and it’s still under construction but all of the original (relevant) content is up. I’m thinking of converting it to something else, but for now we’ll stick with the portal.

I’m having a problem out of all of the fan listings over at Beloved Star. It seems to be an error with Enthusiast because it’s running an older version of PHP than the rest of…the internet. The problem only occurs when someone attempts to join the listing, and also gives the error saying that a valid e-mail address must be entered.  This is the error:

Warning: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in/home/****/****/****/show_join.php on line 145

And here is the line of code and surrounding lines:

if( $_POST && preg_match( $matchstring, $_POST ) )

$email = clean( $_POST[’email’] );
$messages[’email’] = ‘You must enter a valid email address.’;

I’ll search for help elsewhere but if anyone is familiar with this error and knows how to fix it, please let me know.

Aside from that regrettable error, I’m also looking forward to converting Beloved Star to WP soon-hopefully before this month is up. I have no design plans so far but that never stopped me before.

Stay tuned.