Never trust an atom. (They make up everything.)

It’s been quite some time since I promised to put up the databases for my fan listings. I finally got around to it. There were a few snags in the code that I had to work out but it’s all been tested and is now running smoothly. Within the next few months, I plan on making a few visible (and invisible) changes. I’ve decided I’m over the current layout for Beloved Star, so I’ll get working on the next version of that (version 7).

I also realized as I was looking for an icon for this post that I need to put the Digital Love database back up. I completely forgot about it. ^^; So that’s the last database I have to work through. It shouldn’t take too long but I have to wait for my hyperfocus to kick back in before I get around to it. I will probably take care of this and Tempest before I start working on a new layout for Beloved Star.

Stay tuned.