Unrequited love.

The new year always makes me feel motivated to do site work, so I’m in some sort of process right now. I’ve updated all of my listings over at Beloved Star and right now I’m working on both Digital Love and Tempest. I expect to have Tempest running on WP soon with a new layout. I’m still completely in love with the current layout but I feel like changing it.

I realize the links for both sites are not under the network right now, and that’s because they’re still under heavy construction. Tempest is fairly easy to manage now, so WP will just make it easier. Digital Love will be a bit more work since there’s a database involved. Aside from that, there’s not much going on around the network. Sometime after Tempest is up and running here, I also expect to transfer Beloved Star over to WP and smack up a new layout. So stay tuned.